Roo is a Blue

After 13 years, boyhood Evertonian and born-scouser, Wayne Rooney, has returned to Everton from Manchester United.

Rooney has signed a 2-year contract for Everton and has openly expressed his extreme happiness in returning to his beloved Goodison Park.

Rooney posing with manager Ronald Koeman with his iconic No.10 shirt

It was thought that this deal would be incorporated within the agreement between the two clubs for Romelu Lukaku, Everton’s top goal-scorer of last season, to go the opposite direction. However, these are two separate deals and Rooney was reportedly given a £10m golden handshake by United, with a further two £4m payments to be made by Everton separately.

There is some underlying concern and held-grudges amongst Evertonians, due to the rocky relationship that the fans share with the former Man United captain.

Rooney was a boyhood hero for the Blues when he scored his first premier league senior goal against Arsenal to win the match, ending Arsenal’s 30-match unbeaten run.

However, it went pretty down-hill from here (after scoring a few more goals, of course). He moved to Man United in the summer of 2004. The next few times he played at Goodison, the fued between the passionate toffees and Wayne only worsened, including an argument with a fan pre match.

Everton fans’ banner for Wayne’s first return to Goodison in 2005

Rooney’s trips to Goodison in 2007 and 2008 were also pretty heated, as he decided to kiss the red badge in front of Evertonians, not a wise move, Wayne.

Rooney kisses the United badge at Goodison in 2008

But deep down, he was truly still a blue, after he recently admitted that he’s been wearing Everton pyjamas for the last 13 years at home with his children. Wayne really does seem genuinely made up to be back.

A particular highlight of his recent return is his reuniting with Duncan Ferguson. The 31-year-old scouser looked up to Dunc as a child, then got the privilege of playing alongside him as a young Blue. Now here we are in 2017 and they are both clearly delighted to be together again.

The two Everton icons upon Rooney’s return

Club captain Phil Jagielka has spoken about the ‘buzz’ within the club that had been created since Rooney’s return. The two have been pictured having a laugh together in training, which is refreshing to see as Wayne seems to be slotting into the squad perfectly.

Wazza and Jags laugh together as Wayne trains with the blues again

Will Wayne do the job?

Obviously, most blues are ecstatic to have him back, but what is question is his ability to perform and provide the goals expected of him. Of course, he won’t be the same as he was at 27, and there’s no denying he’s carrying a few more scones than he used to, but his thunder right-foot can always be relied on.

You know what, I personally think he’ll be even better than we expect, this is a new start for him and he’s determined to be successful at his precious Everton club. His pure commitment and hunger to do well is what I think will let us see a refreshened Wayne Rooney.


Rooney to score 50+ next season, Klopp will resign after the 5-0 embarassment imposed by the Englishman, and Everton will place a Rooney statue in Everton pyjamas right next to Dixie Dean.

By the way, Wayne, let us know where you got your PJs from will ya? Cheers.


James Lawson


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