Shimmering Sheffield music festival is just around the corner- Tramlines 2017

It’s that time of year again. The exciting weekend when the people of Sheffield come together to appreciate reyt good music.

This inner-city music festival has been growing and growing each year, showcasing a wide range of musicians and some considerably big bands. Last year, emerging band Catfish and the Bottlemen took to the main stage, who are now revelling in mainstream fame. The last few years have also seen The Charlatans, Buzzcocks and Public Enemy come to Sheffield to play at this fantastic festival.

Who to look out for this year 

Of course, The Libertines headlining the main stage, Ponderosa Park, on the Friday night, is an extremely electrifying spectacle highly anticipated by the avid music fans. The indie-rock band’s debut album Up The Bracket was one of the best albums of the 00s, which contributed strongly to NME’s decision to name the Londoners as the best new band in Britain.The-Libertines-800x445.jpg

Manchester-based indie-rock band Spring King are another seductively intriguing act that should not be missed. Playing the Devonshire Green stage on Saturday, the boisterous 4-piece will be showcasing the head-banging sounds of their debut album, Tell Me If You Like To. Seeing these long-haired rockers supporting Cage The Elephant in January was such an exhilarating experience, and for a support band, they were pretty damn incredible.


Thrilling indie band Blaenavon, originating in Hampshire, have seemed to emerge out of nowhere, seizing success in the indie community after just a few years and have recently supported last year’s Leadmill-favourites, Sundara Karma. These support gigs gave the indie trio the perfect chance to show off their talent prior to their recent album release of That’s Your Lot. I was truly blown away with Blaenavon when they were surprisingly, yet impressively, heavy in their live performance as they come across initially as a more mellow band, but oh no do not be fooled by their sweet young faces – they can pack a punch. Catch these dudes at the Folk Forest on Saturday.


When I saw that The Magic Gang are playing Tramlines this year, I was unashamedly delighted. The Brighton-based boys have exploded onto the indie-scene with their neat hair and tucked-in shirts, not to mention their infectiously catchy tunes. I’m beyond excited to hear their unique sound; with happy and summery guitar riffs, contrasted with the sad, sorrowful lyrics. This melodic indie 4-piece are a MUST see.


Fancy something different? Folk Forest stage. Sunday. Goat Girl. This unique 4-piece girl band are fresh to the scene, with each member having just left their London colleges. Their two released singles, Scum and Country Sleaze, display the haunting vocals and spooky-sounding bass lines that you can expect from this up-and-coming youthful foursome. Although these two punchy songs last only 4 minutes combined, listeners are always left frankly bewildered with their bold lyrics, as their tunes seem to be based on modern culture and their anger towards the current societal state. Well who can blame them, really?


Tramlines is obligatory for Sheffielders. You just can’t miss it. The electric atmosphere unites the citizens of the Steel City with a warm buzz of a groovy family-friendly vibe. Better than Christmas, dare I say. See ya there!


James Lawson X


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