LGBTnothankQ- Donald Trump Has Less Brains Than Donald Duck

Donald Trump, the man who managed to obliviously walk past his waiting limousine that was only inches in front of his eyes, recently posted a series of tweets which appear to be his latest attempt at becoming the most hated man of all time. He has announced that transgender people will be banned from serving in the military, reversing a policy Obama brought in last year.

The end of Trump’s trio of tweets

This bigotry move has come alongside another shockingly delusional decision made by Trump; appointing a gay rights opponent as US ambassador to the Netherlands.
Let’s get this straight; The NETHERLANDS. As in, the first country to legalise gay marriage. Wise move, Mr Trump. Clearly, you’re an all-out people-pleaser, there’s no question about that.

On to the president’s recent decision to ban all transgender individuals from military service: To be honest, I’m struggling to find words to describe the absolute pathetic absurdity of this announcement. It baffles me beyond belief how a human being, living in 2017, can STILL be so ignorant and narrow-minded. Well, narrow-minded is quite the understatement, I’d say that the term ‘blank-canvas-minded’ is much more appropriate.

What makes it worse is the embarrassing attempt at creating a valid excuse for this old-fashioned discrimination. The lolloping, lardy pumpkin (AKA the president), in his tweets, explains that the reason for imposing this ban is due to the burden that would come with the ‘tremendous medical costs and disruption’ that transgender people in the military cause.

The truth is, this just can’t be the true reason. Let’s take a look at the actual figures, shall we?
Last year, the RAND corporation published what they found from some research, commissioned by the Pentagon. This research found that there are around 2500 openly transgender members of the military out of 1.3 million active-duty personnel. Furthermore, just 29-129 of these transgender members would seek health care related to gender transition. To sum up, the total annual costs that Trump is referring to in his tweet is between $2.4-8.4 million.
The research noted that doctors agree that such care is medically necessary, proving that the costs aren’t wrongly burdening, as the medical experts state that it is crucial.

To put the non-damaging impact of these important costs on the military’s overall budget into even more perspective; the military spent over 10 times as much (considering the transgender-related spending is it’s predicted highest possible) on medication to treat erectile dysfunction; with $84 million being splashed. Now, seriously, there is no valid argument for not spending a tenth of this amount on helping service members actually being able to live as themselves, and not unbearably uncomfortably. Anyway, surely they’d be a more efficient member of the military if they were happy in general, so these payments for surgery would benefit Trump after all.

To show off the ability of my high-tech ‘perspective telescope’ even FURTHER, let’s consider the overall Department of Defence budget, which is around $640 billion. Yes, BILLION. The F-35 fighter aircraft cost $1.5 TRILLION. For a plane. I mean, that’s fine if the plane is experiencing difficult, gender-questioning stress, but I doubt it.
So the pesky little $2.4-8.4 million required to ensure that equal humans can feel comfortable as a person, which in my opinion is a human right, is too ‘burdening’ for this monster budget… I’d be lying if I said this isn’t blatantly total bullshit. Even a man as simple as Mr. Donald Trump could realise that the ‘costs’ really aren’t the reason for this ban. It has to be said, that’s possibly worse than the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse. You’re going down in history for that one, Trumpy boy. At least you tried…

So, what is the real reason the total clown of a president has banned humans, who happen to be slightly different from him, from serving in a role which directly benefits him and the country he is in charge of? He must have some sort of hidden reason, right?

The mystery continues, as Obama’s successor expressed his support for members of the LGBTQ community during his campaign trail and acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, and stated that he’s a ‘real friend’ of LGBTQ people and would protect them from discrimination. Ha ha, very funny, Donald. Turns out, the absolute opposite has prevailed and the president himself- the actual president of America- has gone and directly discriminated against transgender people. Trump’s equally delusional supporters are likely to agree with him, which quite possibly means he’s probably kick-started a whole load of discrimination against transgenders, in many forms, from online abuse to physical violence.

Clearly, his perceived ‘support’ for LGBTQ members was just a way of winning votes. Referring back to one of his other ridiculously awful decisions (there’s a damn long list of them), Trump surely wouldn’t have appointed a gay rights opponent as US Ambassador to the Netherlands if he was such a ‘real friend’ of gay people. If it wasn’t obvious enough before his election; Donald Trump is a self-contradicting liar and clearly doesn’t think about what he’s said and pledged to in the past.

Another factor that has seemingly slipped Donald’s simple little mind is the practicality of removing 2500 (equally and fully-trained) military servants from the force. This is a strenuous amount of work in itself and will undoubtedly cost the military extensive payments to pay off these cruelly-treated individuals.

Furthermore, Trump appears to not have thought about the fact that transgender people will still serve in the military out of pure patriotism and commitment, despite his discriminatory attempts, but will be forced to deny and hide their own gender identities. This in itself will without doubt result in large medical costs due to the mental health support that these repressed, desperately struggling individuals will require. Or maybe the president did consider this, but it is outweighed by his anti-transgender stance which is increasingly shining through as I analyse his flawed ‘reasons’ and other probable reasons for this ban. By ‘shining through’, I mean that kind of shining through that resembles the satanic sunlight that creeps through the crack in your betraying curtains, seeming to cause life-long damage to your half-asleep eyes. So imagine that, but instead the evil ‘sunlight’ of Trump is even worse than blindness, it is more like a curse which quite possibly will ruin lives.

But more importantly than the practicality of the decision for Trump’s concern, the fairness of this ban is just unquestionably non-existent. Do people literally have no morals or even a heart? These transgender military servants have successfully displayed that they meet the readiness standards required to fight, proving their worthiness. Why does gender-identity matter? They are just as worthy as a straight, white man (Trump’s favourite type of person), they undertook the same procedures to qualify for military service, and just because the brain-dead president isn’t very fond of certain people, doesn’t mean they should be banned from acquiring or retaining their dream occupation, or doing what makes them feel fulfilled as a person.

Ideally, what I hope for is that the entire US military, all 1.3 million of them, resign or at least protest against Trump’s inhumanly relentless decision to impose this ban.
His own army and country will be weaker following this ban, so his bigotry views really must be a significant part of his deranged mindset, since he’s a very victory-focused man, especially when it comes to war and destruction. Even his tweets laid out his objective of ‘decisive and overwhelming victory’.

A man of no common-sense, no morals and no respect- the president of the USA. The most powerful man in the world right now; with the most influence and ability to change things. All humanity asks for is a person to fill that role who has their heart in the right place and who would use this power to make positive changes. But no, Trump is time-travelling backwards and backwards to days where discrimination is an accepted normality. Unfortunately, this seems to be once again becoming a reality.



James Lawson X




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