The Blame Game- Nobody Wins

Have you been unfairly throwing blame about recently? Screaming at a barman for poor food. Hating the ‘dirty dogs’ for the dog poo on the footpaths. That kind of thing. Just stop.

Basically, it annoys me massively when people blame people for things that aren’t actually their fault, at all. It’s the naivety and ignorance of people which cause this ever-growing problem. Nobody really thinks much of it; probably because most people are offenders of this modern day (fake) crime. I hate you people.

Let’s have an example, shall we? The way parents get blamed for everything that their child does that is slightly imperfect. A kid hits another kid at school; parents’ fault. A kid doesn’t hand in his homework; lock the parents up and throw away the key. A kid says ‘crap’ when they’re only 5 years old; must’ve heard that from their parents so PUBLICLY EXECUTE those damn Satanists! Seriously though, how can you blame parents for everything? There are other factors that affect a child growing up and the type of behaviour they engage in. Probably the biggest influence upon children is the input their friends have in their growing and learning process. If a child starts saying something they shouldn’t be (thinking it’s comically ingenious, of course), then they’ll get into trouble with the school, then other parents and children start to point their perfect little judgemental fingers at the parents. I mean, let’s be honest, no parent is perfect anyway so what’s the bloody point in blaming others and criticising them? All children need treating uniquely. They’re like snowflakes. Although, I imagine more like the snowflakes that aren’t actually snowflakes, but are actually sharp hailstones, ones who never sleep, and cry 24/7…

Another one is the way that football managers get blamed for everything that can possibly go wrong within a football club. Of course, managers are responsible for the tactical setup of a team, amongst other things, but there are too many instances in which the managers face the wrath of the fans, pundits and even worse, the board when it’s really not their fault at all. An example of the absolute delusional madness that thousands of fans spout out (especially on twitter) is when a team gets a few bad results in a row, then the manager predictably gets a rusty stand full of obese flabby fingers pointed at him calling for him to be sacked, or for him to be hanged by the chairman.
What makes this even worse is that it’s not so common for the manager to get praise when a team is doing well. Of course, I’m not saying that the manager necessarily deserves all the credit for good performances either, but if he doesn’t get praise for a successful season, why give him shit when the team loses a few matches?
If a club fails to sign a player, the manager often gets the blame. How are people so ignorant? The manager isn’t the only figure running a damn club! If a manager has shown determination in buying a player but it doesn’t work out, it’s more than likely the board’s fault for not being prepared to pay so much, or maybe just that the player isn’t interested (in which case nobody gets blamed).
It’s getting to a point which is so ridiculous that it wouldn’t be bloody surprising to see managers getting blamed for a player missing a penalty. The manager can’t take the penalties, for God’s sake! The manager can’t help it if the big-headed youngster tries to be too fancy with his feet and loses the ball. The manager can’t help it if your right-winger shows up with a new haircut resembling a peacock that’s been graffitied by the widely-feared Morecambe youths (or ‘yoots’ as they prefer). Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a rule implemented which means managers can’t use players which have these abysmal-looking designs cut into their hair. They literally look like the Sydney Opera House… So I wouldn’t mind managers getting blamed in that scenario!

Journalists. Poor, poor journalists. Yes, some journalists are absol- well, you know the type of words that are suitable… But sometimes they get the most disgusting abuse on social media when they aren’t to blame at all. For example, an article published in a politically right-wing newspaper, like The Daily Mail, may become well-known to the public and widely-shared on social media. This may spark some controversy, especially amongst those with opposing opinions. So, shamefully, the aggressive, violence-driven public of today get their pitchforks out in their living rooms and furiously type abuse on their exhausted keyboards. But this abuse is directed towards whoever’s in the byline. The journalist doing their job. More often than not, it’s the owner of the newspaper whose views are expressed through each article published, because the owner of The Guardian, for example, would obviously never want a pro-Tory feature in their paper. It’s these ease of getting a hold of the journalists. People are lazy and they just want someone to shout at. This is a society which thrives off watching TV shows about watching other people, just like themselves, watching other TV shows. Seriously? You may as well just watch your own mum or wife sat next to. Anyway, journalists shouldn’t be blamed, let alone abused, for the overriding morals and of an entire newspaper company, because all they’re doing is writing an article which is edited, critically polished and basically governed by more powerful people with more powerful agendas to get things across in a certain way.

It really is a shame. People struggle to be accepting today. Nobody is relaxed and instead of putting things into perspective and thinking about people’s reasoning for things, they just jump on the first person who might be slightly linked with a small problem. From Doctors breaking bad news to the poor learner driver slowing people down, nobody will be free of abuse.


James Lawson









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