Dronfield has the Xmas factor

Two incredibly decorated houses in Dronfield have taken Christmas spirit to a whole new level.

The two houses are directly opposite one another on Ashford Road.

Wendy Lamb, husband Pete and their son, Stellan, live on one side of the road, with Linda and Rodger Bellamy across the road.

Linda has been committed to having Christmas lights on her house for over 30 years.

She said: “The amount of lights has increased in the last 11 years, now we have grandchildren.”

Wendy said that she has been following this festive tradition involving such flamboyant arrays of Christmas lights for about 30 years, since Stellan was young.

Not only do their fluorescent lights brighten up the road, but the whole of Dronfield.

The annual displays have become a highly anticipated sighting, as Dronfield residents look forward to the gleaming array of lights each year.

Linda said that she always gets really positive comments from neighbors and people passing by.

Wendy joked: “We’ve been called the Coca Cola house before.”

Despite the impression that is given off by the location of the houses, both Wendy and Linda assured that there is actually no competition going on between the houses’ displays.

Although, Linda admitted that the Lamb’s house is the better of the two, and said: “Stellan puts in a lot of effort to make the house look so good.”

Stellan was a young boy when this tradition started, but now he makes a lot of their decorations himself in his own time.

Stellan made the snowflakes on the side of the house and also a wooden Christmas tree, with wood he buys from Dunham’s, a local Dronfield shop. He then intricately carves the wood into different shaped snowflakes and puts a lot of holes in them, before inserting small lights into these holes, making beautifully sparkling snowflakes.

Surprisingly, residents of both houses said that they haven’t had to spend much money on all the lights.

While Stellan makes many of the decorations for the Lamb’s, Linda said: “We haven’t spent loads, we’ve been gradually buying more (lights) over the years.”

She added: “One of our friends said that if it wasn’t for our lights, I’d fall asleep on the bus and miss my stop.”

It is a very common occurrence for people, whether driving, jogging or walking by, to stop or slow down to admire the eye-catching displays of festivity.

Peter said: “Speed bumps are usually put on roads to slow people down, but we just put these lights up instead.”


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