Local stone carver in Loxley Woods can create anything

A stone carver based in Loxley Woods in Sheffield has an admirably strong passion for carving stone and making eye-catching sculptures.

Andrew Vickers, AKA Stoneface, said that he has always had a mad passion for stone and became a dry stone waller in order to fulfil that passion.

Having developed his skills since he began, Andrew now creates a wide range of unique masterpieces.

He said: “If I can get an image into my head, I can carve absolutely anything or create anything and that’s how I came to love being a sculptor.”

Stoneface said that his favourite sculpture is Starman; a sculpture of a man completely made from DVDs.

He said that the most magical thing about Starman is that it changes colours when the light shines on it, even on the dullest day.




The local sculptor said: “In the summer, when there’s reflections all around, it looks like it’s disappearing into the landscape.”

Stoneface’s work can be found in parts of Loxley Woods, providing a refreshingly unique experience to a walk in the woodlands of South Yorkshire.


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