The world’s oldest football club keen to move back home to Olive Grove in Sheffield

The world’s oldest football club, Sheffield FC, could be moving their stadium to Sheffield.

Currently playing their home games in Dronfield next to the Coach and Horses pub, the club is looking to move back to their original stadium at Olive Grove in Sheffield.


Sheffield FC manager, Mark Shaw, is originally from Dronfield and said that he has played on the pitch before while he was a teenager and from his point of view the current pitch is ‘awesome.’

Sheffield FC fan, James Phillips, a university student in Sheffield from London, said: “I think the pitch is quite good and it’s great to have the pub right next to it. It really helps, from a fan’s perspective, to make the most of your day.”

It is no secret that Richard Tims, chairman of Sheffield FC, is extremely eager to move the club back to its routes.



Mr Tims said: “Olive Grove is the place where football as the world knows it was born.”

He added: “I’m always working to get this move to go ahead, it’s just a case of having enough funds.”

There is a worry that the people of Dronfield may feel neglected if the stadium was to move back to Sheffield, as the fans in Dronfield have warmed to the stadium on their doorstep.

sheff fc 2sheff fc

Mr Phillips believes that a move to Olive Grove would generally be a good thing but there may be an issue if Sheffield FC was to have a home game on the same day as Sheffield’s two biggest clubs who both play Championship football.

However, he said that taking into account the history of the club and where it’s from, this potential stadium move would be really beneficial, despite the void which may be left in Dronfield.

Mr Shaw said: “I’d like things to be kept as intimate as possible with regards for the supporters. As long as it has some individual quirks that make it Sheffield FC’s home, then it’d be a great move.”


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