Here’s a bit about me and what I’m doing:

So, I’m an 18-year old from town called Dronfield (don’t worry, nobody’s heard of it, it’s a suburb of Sheffield). I have great interest in music, football, and just general stuff going on in the world.

I’m an aspiring Journalist and will be doing the NCTJ diploma in Journalism from September.

I’ve started this blog to build up a portfolio of my pieces and to give me experience in writing. Also, it’s just a great way for me to express my opinions on things I’m interested in!


My relationship with Football has been a life-long passion. I was brought up (since the day I was born) as an Evertonian by my true-blue dad who was born in Bootle.
I’ve always followed Everton’s results closely and tried to get to a few games per year, which could be difficult considering the 2+ hour drive.
Last season I got my first ever season ticket at the iconic Goodison Park and got the train over to Liverpool every home game. In what was a great season for new manger, Ronald Koeman, it was a truly great season for my debut of season ticket-owning.


Since the same age I was introduced to Football, I was also being played music to, mainly The Beatles. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was bought a football kit with ‘John Lennon’ on the back. I was able to recite the entire Sgt Pepper’s album BACKWARDS by the age of 5.

While The Beatles remain my current band of all time, I have actually developed my playlist further than just the fab four, believe it or not. I’m an avid listener of other 60s bands too, such as The Kinks and The Beach Boys.
I also love going to gigs to see bands live, but clearly I’d struggle to see the Beatles at the Sheffield’s Leadmill. A shame:(
Luckily, I’m extremely fond of many current bands, mainly those playing indie music. The likes of the unique, glittery Sundara Karma, the melodic JAWS and the up-and-coming Baby Strange are examples of my more modern taste in music.
More recently, I’ve been reviewing the gigs I’ve been to and having my reviews published on a local music website, but expect to see more of this on this site now I’ve started it up!
My undeniable favourite band of this era would have to be the Arctic Monkeys, but my ongoing sadness about their frustrating inactivity is something I won’t bore you with…

Current Affairs/Politics:

We’ll not get too heated about this right now, but I have a strong interest in current political happenings, and general things going on in the world.
I will be writing posts about current news in order to express my own opinion about stuff, basically just a way for me to rant about things.